Dave Ramsey


Dave Ramsey learned about money the hard way. His advice is simple. Live on less than you make, save money and don’t go into debt. On his website, you’ll find tools for budgeting, a progress tracker for debt elimination, a community of encouragement and support from other people, and access to his radio show.

Crown Ministries


Crown Financial Ministries is an interdenominational ministry dedicated to equipping people around the world to learn, apply, and teach biblical financial principles. Crown teaches and equips people with the life-transforming message of faithfully living by God’s financial principles in every area of their lives. Crown Financial Ministries is a Christ-centered, Bible-based ministry whose core values include recognition of God’s ownership of all things, the need to pray about everything, and the desire to equip and serve others with excellence while teaching in ways understood by all cultures and generations.

Ron Blue


Ron Blue is a successful entrepreneur in the financial services industry and an admired leader and speaker on the topic of Biblical financial management.  goal is to apply Ron Blue’s lifetime of trusted, biblical financial counsel to your specific financial questions. You will find answers to questions as well as perspective for decision-making as you browse the site and enjoy the videos that are available.

Generous Giving


The story of Generous Giving began in the 1990s when five friends came together, challenged by the question of what could happen if Christians were truly generous with their resources, living out the joy of giving instead of the duty of tithing. Generous Giving is a message so powerful that it lives and breathes, transforming each person it touches. Everyone it reaches, in some way great or small, becomes a part of this living message. But inasmuch as this is a message communicated from uplifted heart to uplifted heart, it is also a practical, tactical, and proven approach to living a greater life.  How will the hearts and lives of people you may never meet be transformed forever for your generosity?