Is there more to life than what we can see? 

The Life Course is a chance to explore questions of life, meaning and spirituality:

Is there more to life than what we can see?

What is my purpose in life?

Is God real, and if so, can I know Him?

Each week, we hear a short talk and break off into small discussion groups where we have the opportunity to ask each other questions and hear what each other think. The Life Course will run for four weeks on Tuesday nights in February from 6:30pm to 8:00pm at Bold City Brewery.

The Life Course Weekend Away

You won’t want to miss it! Check-in at the Hammock Beach Resort (map) will be on Friday, March 3 between 5pm and 9pm. After checking in, meet up at Loggerheads in the resort for appetizers and drinks.

On Saturday and Sunday, we’ll get together for more Life Course sessions, tasty food and drinks, a karaoke and dance party, and plenty of time to explore the resort. There is a golf and tennis course, a spa, multiple pools, the beach, a fitness center, free bike rentals and much more.

The cost to attend is $200 per person or $300 per couple. Scholarship assistance is available. You can also sponsor someone else to attend.