Imagine how River City Church might look if all the “okay” marriages became “good” and all the “good” marriages became “great.”

Think about how another couple in our church family could use your encouragement and benefit from what you’ve learned along the way. We are looking for couples who are not perfect but have found fulfillment in their marriage, who have trusted God to grow them through the relationship challenges of married life, and who are willing to allow Him to use those life experiences as a tool to help other couples learn how to navigate the journey of marriage for a lifetime.

What is a Marriage Mentor?

A Marriage Mentor couple is a relatively happy, healthy and more experienced couple who invest in another couple to help them navigate the marriage journey that they have already taken.

They are a well-trained couple (not “perfect”) who come alongside a less experienced couple to encourage, equip and inspire them in their walk with each other and with the Lord.

What are the expectations?

  1. Minimum of five years of marriage.
  2. Complete SYMBIS training. We will email the link for the online training & assessment. (3 hours/$50)
  3. Complete Marriage Mentor Training. This is provided at the Marriage Mentor Training Workshop on February 16 & 17, 2018. (10 hours/$15). If you are unable to attend the workshop, or any part of it, you may contact us and we will make the training available for you to complete on your own. 
  4. Meet with the Marriage Mentor Team.