A MESSAGE from Brian

Dear River City Church Family,

Mike Shea will be leaving RCC Staff on July 31st. For the past several months we (Antley, Allan and I) have been walking with Mike to determine if the position of Youth Director is the best fit for him and for the Youth Ministry of RCC. After much prayer and meeting together, it is clear to all, including Mike, that this position does not lend itself to Mike’s strength and gifts. Mike, and the Shea family, have been and will continue to be a blessing to RCC! They are a part of our church family, and will continue to be as they move forward discerning what God has next for them. They will need our prayers, love, support, counsel, and encouragement as they discern the next step.

Mike has been an amazing blessing to our staff and our church. He is man of integrity, passion, and grace. We will miss him greatly, and believe that the Lord will open new doors for him, and their family.

Please contact me with any questions, concerns or thoughts you have regarding our Youth Ministry as we move into this next season. Mike is also available to talk about the transition out of his role and into this next season of life.

Parent & Leader Info Meeting

There will be a Parent & Leader Info Meeting on Wednesday, July 25th from 7 p.m.  to 8 p.m. in the Youth Room at RCC. Antley and I will be discussing our plan for the fall. It will also be an opportunity for you to communicate your ideas and ways you might want to be involved as we move forward. Your input as leaders and parents is needed!


Brian Robinson
Director of Family Ministries


Dear River City Church Family, 

I wanted to take a minute to share with you the journey that we have been on together with Mike Shea and what a blessing Mike and his family have been to RCC. Over the past year, Mike (and his family) has made many sacrifices for the purpose of allowing our middle and high school youth to experience the Father’s love, increase in their understanding of how to grow in their walk with Jesus, and minister in the power of the Holy Spirit. His love for Jesus has always flowed out in the direction of teens, and we are thankful that, for the past year and a half, our students have been the recipients of that love. 

In January Mike and I began to meet weekly to talk through his vision and how we might accomplish that vision in our Youth Ministry. Every week I looked forward to those meetings because it was always refreshing to see his willingness to address his weaknesses and maximize his strengths and to take what we talked about back to the Youth Ministry. Over the course of these meetings, we would step back and look to see what the Lord was doing in our youth and with Mike. It became apparent over time, however, that our Youth Ministry was not growing in the way that we had hoped that it would, even though Mike’s heart never wavered in his love for our youth and in his desire to creatively show them Jesus and to encourage them to experience the Holy Spirit.

Brian Robinson, as Director of Family Ministries, Allan Love, as Executive Pastor, and I made the difficult decision together to have Mike step out of the role as the Director of Youth Ministry. This conversation with Mike was so filled with grace and love, and in it I saw once again Mike’s love for Jesus and for his church. During the discussion, Mike emphasized over and over again the importance of minimizing the potential for division in our church body and doing what was best for the families, children, and church body of RCC. Mike is the epitome of someone who desires and is willing to lay down his life for others and the church. 

I am so thankful that Mike, Ginny, and their family will continue to be a part of our RCC family. As I said earlier, the entire family has made great sacrifices for our youth and our church family. I encourage you all to thank them, bless them, encourage them, and pray for them as they step forward in faith seeking to discover the next adventure God has for them. 

Blessings and thanks, Mike, Ginny and your massive family! 

Love you guys,



Dear RCC Youth Parents, Leaders, and Church Family,

Let me first say that our family considers it a blessing to be a part of River City Church. We have grown so much here. As I personally transition out of the role as youth director, know that we will continue to call RCC our church home and will continue to be active and serve in any way that we can.

I also want to say that the decision for me to move off the church staff has been part of an ongoing conversation that Antley, Brian, Allan, and I have been having for several months. The heart of those conversations has always centered around what is best for the church and best for the kids growing up in our church. We all deeply want to see them well cared for and growing in their faith and gifts. I want you to know that we are all in agreement that this is the best move for the church going forward. I appreciate the leadership and the friendship of these men, and as a member of the church, I will continue to value them as spiritual authorities in our lives. Brian and I will continue to work together over the next weeks to come up with the best plan we can for moving forward in the upcoming school year.

Ginny and I are actively seeking the Lord as to what the next step is for us as a family. The Lord has always met us and sustained us, and we have no doubt that he will continue to in this season. There is a prayer that I have always kept on the wall in front of my desk. It is John Wesley’s covenant with the Lord, and I have tried to make it my own as well.

                       “I am no longer my own, but yours.
                                   Put me to what you will,
                                   Rank me with whom you will.
                       Put me to doing, put me to suffering;
                                   Let me be employed for you or laid aside for you,
                                   Exalted for you or brought low for you;
                       Let me be full, let me be empty;
                                   Let me have all things, let me have nothing;                                                   I freely and heartily yield all things to your pleasure and disposal.
                       And now, O glorious and blessed God,
                                   Father, Son, and Holy Spirit;
                                   You are mine, and I am yours.
                                   So be it.”

I would love to invite you to pray this prayer for our family over the next weeks and months. We believe the Lord will continue to do incredible things in our lives and in our church!

In Christ,