Over the next year we will be doing a test/trial run with a new leadership structure here at River City Church. We are introducing the Ministry Leadership Team (M.L.T. for short) that will work in collaboration with the elders and staff to fulfill our God-given mission of, "Awakening People to the Transforming Presence and Power of Gods' Love".  

The primary purpose of the M.L.T. is to provide strategic ministry oversight, ensuring the we are executing ministry in all areas with clarity, alignment and unity under the Spirit's guidance and empowerment. Team members (comprised of a combination of staff and volunteers) are already leading in key areas of ministry at RCC (which is primarily why they were invited to be part of the team), and together we will ensure that every ministry is represented and working collaboratively towards the implementation of our common mission and values which we refined during the Fall of 2016.

The launch of this team will free up our Church Elders to focus fully on their role of shepherding/overseeing the family of RCC as spiritual leaders — devoting their time to prayer and fasting, God's Word, and to protecting the flock of RCC. Additionally, the M.L.T. will support staff so that they may give attention to ministry and leadership development in their spheres of responsibility. 

We are thrilled that the following people are part of the M.L.T. (pictured L to R): Laurie Bartholomew (Prophetic Ministry), Antley Fowler (Lead Pastor/Overall Direction/Worship Ministry), Martha Paulk (Prayer and Healing Ministry/S.O.B. Ministry), Susan New (Women's Ministry), Brian Robinson (Family Ministry), Kathy Passkiewicz (Local and Global Missions), Allan Love (Executive Pastor/Discipleship) Sarah Marks (20/30s Group) and Josh Franklin (Group and Men's Ministry).

We are excited about the new season God is leading us into, and believe that this new leadership framework (a developing and work-in-progress) will serve us well as a church family. If you have any questions and need anything clarified, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Allan Love or Antley Fowler.