Dear River City Church,

With an expectant heart, I resigned from the staff of River City Church and accepted a new job offer that came my way recently.  There are a lot of other emotions in taking this leap:  excitement, nervousness, joy, sadness, nostalgia, and a sense of peace all rolled up in to one…just to name a few.

I have lived a lot of life in the 10+ years I have been on staff.  Cada and Sheldon were baptized in this church, and our wedding reception was held here as well!  It has been one of the biggest privileges of my life to work here behind the scenes and have the church walk alongside me the entire time.  

I would like to say to Antley that I’m thankful you hired me back in the days when the church first started… before Martha Paulk was hired.  You are, and will continue to be my Pastor.

To the Elders of River City Church, I am thankful for you and have enjoyed working with you – hopefully you enjoyed my weekly financial statements!

To the church – thank you for your sincerity in worship, your passion, your unseen acts of generosity, and your kindness.  Many families continually inspire me to be a better follower of Jesus. 

David wrote in Psalm 16 that he is thankful that “the boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places.  Surely I have a delightful inheritance.”  That has been true for me, and I’d like to think that those boundary lines are expanding for my family in this season.  Cada and I look forward to worshipping together with you!

I love this church.


Jonathan White


It feels like a wedding and a funeral as we say goodbye to Jonathan White from the staff of RCC. It is exciting to see him move into this new job in which he will bless Challen Asset Management, and they will bless and challenge him in this next season of life. But, as his staff family, we are deeply saddened and feel a great loss. Jonathan White has faithfully served River City Church for eleven years. In those eleven years he has done a number of different jobs and assumed new responsibilities as the staff changed. In the midst of these role changes on staff, he has balanced the responsibilities of being an incredible father and husband. 
Over the years Jonathan has been a tremendous resource for our staff. Of all the staff we have had during RCC’s history, Jonathan has been one of the most encouraging voices affirming my leadership and, at the same time, challenging my leadership. Attributes that I have seen consistently demonstrated in Jonathan’s life are honesty, loyalty, faithfulness, integrity, a strong work ethic, and love, to name a few. 

I recently met with Jonathan and subsequently wrote to him, thanking him for our meeting. Here is part of the message that I sent him: “Hey, man, thanks for meeting yesterday. I have always been thankful for your honesty in our relationship and with RCC. I hope you understand the importance of your consistency, faithfulness and prophetic voice (truth-telling) in RCC. One last thing…. I want you to know I really trust you and invite you into the decision-making of RCC, even when I do not ask for it.”  Jonathan is an inspiration to me as a father and spouse. He is someone I have described to others as being a person who really loves others well. 

Jonathan has the gift of interjecting a word or phrase into a conversation that causes everyone to stop and laugh. His unique “one-liners” eventually led us to create a “White-board” to record them. Here are a few of his most-used or funny phrases: “drinking loudmouth soup,” “like watching college football at a funeral,” ”what’s shaking down,” “otherwise, people will be rolling around like a sausage in a pan,” “we must be smoking our own dope if we think that will work,” “it’s a hulligan holiday” and everyone’s favorite, “Uffda.”

During the meeting at which we first discussed his moving on to this new job, he kept repeating one statement through the conversation that he wanted to make sure that I heard. It was, “Antley, you are my pastor.” I will miss you, Jonathan, for many reasons, but I am so thankful to be your friend and to be your pastor. 

Antley Fowler

Lead Pastor

I am so excited for Jonathan as he makes the move to join the team at Challen Asset Management here in Jacksonville — he was made for this new venture!  Clearly he will be missed on staff — there are not many people who can keep multiple plates spinning like he does, and he did so with grace and excellence!  Thankful that he and Cada will continue to be a part of the RCC family, serving as small group leaders and members of our welcome team.  I wish them both God's best in the days ahead!  Jonathan's final day on staff will be Sunday, February 19th.  We will pray for both Jonathan and Cada as a church family during our service that day.


Allan Love

Executive Pastor