This page has information and attachments regarding what your child is learning, and also some ways you can partner in helping them engage spiritually with the materials they are experiencing. 

This Month's Theme


Growing in faith is not something that happens by simply cramming information about the Bible into a child’s brain. The knowledge in their head means nothing if we don’t help kids experience what that knowledge can do in their heart. To experience faith, we want kids to practice their faith and that takes commitment.

God keeps all His promises and puts His plans into action. Because God has kept His promises to us, we can make a plan and stick to it. One of the best plans you can make is to commit to an ongoing relationship with Jesus. Commit to practicing faith by reading God’s Word, praying to Him consistently, talking about Him with friends, and living out your faith every day.



Parent Conversation Guides

As a parent, you want to invest your time in things that matter. Like having the right conversation with your child at the right time, with the right things to say at your fingertips. These conversation guides will help you navigate the critical issues you face at each phase, as you imagine the end for your child. They are based on research from The Phase Project, a collaborative, ongoing effort assembling classic and innovative research with practical application.


"Parenting with Purpose" Course

Most parents struggle with very similar issues and questions, like: “How do I share my faith with my kids?”, “How can I help them know God?”, and “Why won't they stop fighting?”. One of our goals is to help provide tools for successful parenting. Parenting with Purpose is for parents with children of all ages and covers issues such as discipline, spiritual development, and navigating the world of technology and the internet. 


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