Worship is one of our core values. We make it a priority to worship God whenever we gather, whether during our Sunday service, Kids, Youth or City Groups.

We believe worship is to God, for God and about God, so we have done everything we can to make Jesus the focus of our worship. This is one of the reasons we do church "in the round" and why our worship team isn’t on a stage. We are a family and we are on the journey of loving and living for Christ together, so we want everything to reflect that, even how the room is set up for church and where the band is set up for worship.

Joining the Team

If you’ve decided to make RCC your home church, are a musician or singer and would like to join the Worship Team, here are a couple of things we ask you to do to help you get connected:

  1. Email Allan Love and let us know that you would like to join the team. In the email, please include a phone number and the instrument(s) you play (including vocals).
  2. Download this .zip file of chord charts and learn your parts in the keys provided. You can listen to these songs on this page: Worship Songs
    • Guitarists: learn both the chords and lead lines on this page: Guitar Instructional Videos
    • Vocalists: learn harmonies
    • Drummers: learn tempos, arrangements and be comfortable playing with a click
    • Bassists: learn arrangements and multiple keys
    • Keyboardists: Learn the chords, arrangements and any signature parts

We will respond to your email as soon as possible and set up a time for us to meet and get to know you.

Thank so much for being willing to serve!