8/28 - Team Training: “Small Groups” (@ Higher Pixels)
9/11 - Launch Party / Session 1: Is There More to Life Than This?
9/18 - Session 2: Who Is Jesus?
9/25 - Session 3: Why Did Jesus Die?
10/2 - Session 4: How Can I Have Faith?
10/6 - Team Training: “Prayer & The Weekend” (@ RCC)
10/9 - Session 5: Why and How Do I Pray?

10/11 - 10/13 - Alpha Weekend (in Palm Coast - details below)
Session 7:
Who is the Holy Spirit?
Session 8:
What Does the Holy Spirit Do?
Session 9:
How Can I Be Filled with the Holy Spirit?
Session 10:
How Can I Make the Most of the Rest of My Life?

10/16 - Session 11: How Can I Resist Evil?
10/23 - Session 12: Why and How Should I Tell Others?
10/30 - Session 13: What About the Church?

Weekly Schedule

5:30pm Set-up and food preparation
5:45pm Childcare begins
5:50pm Host team meeting and prayer

6:00pm Greet guests and encourage people to begin eating
6:45pm Alpha talk
7:15pm Small group discussion

7:45pm End
7:45pm Host team debrief (~15 mins)

Being on the Alpha Team

Thank you for saying yes to being on the Alpha team! There are so many benefits to volunteering on Alpha. You’ll have an opportunity to make new friends, serve your community, learn or develop a new skill, grow in your own faith and ultimately, make a difference in someone’s life. 

What Do Hosts and Helpers Do?

Simply put, hosts are the ones who facilitate the small group discussion. Helpers are there to help the host and the guests with anything that might make the group experience even better. Helpers mostly stay quiet. They listen and pray silently as the discussion is unfolding. Being a helper on Alpha is actually one of the best ways for people to step into a leadership role for the first time.


Usually after the first Alpha session, guests are assigned to a small group (by age or with friends). The ideal size for a small group on Alpha is between 8-12 people, including 1 or 2 hosts and helpers. The goal is that the small group would stay together for the duration of Alpha, go on the journey together, and hopefully become friends along the way.

Ideally your groups would sit together, eat together, watch the Alpha talk and then discuss it right where you are. This helps your group connect, and it saves time since there’s no transition to another room or space. Your Alpha leader will explain how it will work.

We use the terms ‘host’ and ‘helper’ because on Alpha it’s less about being a leader and more about helping facilitate a conversation. We want people to feel welcomed and included. The format is not teacher/student, but rather host/guest.

Note: There are two Team Training videos to help you learn about Alpha essentials, how to host great small groups, and tips on praying for others.


Show guests that they’re important by being 100% committed and consistent. Attend all the team training sessions, the Alpha Weekend, and all the small group discussions. Show genuine care for them by remembering their names and asking how their week is going. Remember, Alpha isn’t about ‘information transfer’, it’s about friendship and conversation.


Share these guidelines with your small group:

  • You don’t have to talk if you don’t want to, but we’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts.

  • Any question or comment is welcome (just be brief and respectful).

  • Respect each other by listening and allowing different opinions.

  • Keep things confidential when you leave this group.



The commitment for the Hosts are to attend all of the below events, and to pray for your small group during the week. If you know you’ll miss more than two of the weekly Alpha sessions at RCC, we encourage you to still participate and be available as a back-up Host or Helper.


The commitment for Helpers is to attend as many of the below events as possible. Attendance to the Alpha Weekend is not required to be a Helper.


Alpha Film Series // Team Training 01 // Small Groups


Alpha Film Series // Episode 01 // Is There More To Life Than This?

Alpha Film Series // Episode 02 // Who is Jesus?

Alpha Film Series // Episode 03 // Why Did Jesus Die?