5 Books on the Kingdom of God

1. Subversive Kingdom

Ed Stetzer

This is a good beginner's introduction to the Kingdom of God. If you don’t read much theology or Christian literature, this is the place to start.

2. Breakthrough: Discovering the Kingdom 

Derek Morphew

Derek Morphew is a leading Vineyard theologian and does a great job of laying the framework for our theology of the Kingdom.


3. The Divine Conspiracy

Dallas Willard

This is already a classic. One of the best books about the Kingdom, particularly the Sermon on the Mount. Essential reading for healthy Kingdom discipleship.


4. The Unshakable Kingdom and the Unchanging Person

E.Stanley Jones

A fantastic book born out of experience. It is written from decades in the mission field with a passion, urgency and grace that reflects its subject matter.


5. Kingdom, Grace, Judgment

Robert Farrar Capon

So much of Jesus teaching on the Kingdom is in parables. This book walks through every one of Jesus’ parables and parabolic acts, highlighting the major themes and how they tie together. Sensational.