5 Reasons I Love Celebrating Easter at River City Church


1. Kids will have fun.

720 plastic eggs, 8 dozen hard-boiled eggs, 120 Easter baskets, 480 large popsicle sticks, lots of paint brushes, 8 bags of jelly beans, and one giant golden egg are a few of the items that will be needed to make this happen. Puppet shows of Jesus dying on the cross and being raised from the dead are not fun for kids. We believe that our heavenly Father loves to watch His children laugh, play, and have fun, especially when we gather as a church family. We think it is a "sin to bore a child." Children loving church is a great recipe for them to eventually fall in love with Jesus.

2. You can bring visitors (and not be afraid).

We will be normal, as always, but especially on Easter Sunday. If you bring family and friends to RCC who do not regularly attend church, we will be ready for them. We will love them well and make them feel welcomed. We won't ask them for their money, for their information, if this is their first time to church this year, what their deepest darkest sin is, or if they are "saved.” We will do what we always do: help them experience God's love for them, trusting that the Holy Spirit is on the move, drawing them closer to Jesus.

3. Worship will be awesome (but normal)!

No, we are not bringing in an orchestra to complement our worship band because it is Easter. We won't be singing different songs, because we're always singing about Jesus, anyway. There will not be a laser light show that burns Jesus' name in the church ceiling. We will create room for you to worship and God to show up and minister to our hearts… like always!

4. I love the RCC family.

I genuinely look forward to seeing RCC peeps every time we meet, but especially on the holidays. I know that when people wish me a "Happy Easter," they mean it. I love connecting with everyone and celebrating together the resurrection of Jesus. Hugging kids, shaking hands and laughing together at church before we all go our separate ways for the rest of the day is fun and gives me a heavenly perspective that would be missed if I didn't have a church family. It is also a time to encourage, bless, and listen to the members of our family who are lonely, sad, or having a rough time with the holidays. RCC is my family, and I love celebrating with them!

5. You don't have to dress up!

I remember hating to go to church as a kid for the sole reason of having to dress up. There were so many arguments with my parents! If people want to dress up, that is great, but I think our peeps know that they don't have to. No one will judge them if they do or if they don't. Jesus doesn't look at our outward appearances; He looks at our hearts! I won't lie; I love seeing little kids all decked out in their Easter outfits. Families who come in matching outfits are awesome! But, not if you show up all grumpy and mad. So, don't let your "racing stripes" get in the way of what Easter is really about: Jesus. Jesus is looking forward to blessing you as we gather as a church to worship Him and celebrate His resurrection. So, try not to screw it up with a "wardrobe malfunction."

Happy Easter!!:)