Are You a Zombie Christian?


Martyn Lloyd-Jones says, "Dead orthodoxy is the greatest danger confronting the individual who is evangelical in his outlook, as it is indeed the greatest danger confronting any individual church."

There are a lot of definitions out there trying to describe "dead orthodoxy." Here is what they are getting at:

It's correct thinking about God, without relationship, zeal, life, or passion for God, or the things God is passionate about.

It is one of the worst feelings in the world, and we have all probably felt that way. It becomes dangerous when we don't realize we are dead and actually think we are alive!!

As I prepare for Sunday mornings, the primary question I ask and pray is, "Lord, what are you wanting to do this morning?" One of the most important roles of a church leader is to create expectation on a Sunday morning. Encourage people to truly believe and expect that Jesus is present with us, and He is there to bring healing and transformation in real, practical ways.

There lies the greatest danger of dead orthodoxy.

Lloyd-Jones says that people who are dead in their faith, but believe that their correct thinking is enough, come to church:

expecting nothing, and they get nothing, and nothing happens to them.

“They go to God's house, not with the idea of meeting with God, not with the idea of waiting upon him. It never crosses their minds or enters their hearts that something may happen in the service. The idea that God may suddenly visit his people and descend upon them, the whole thrill of being in the presence of God, and sensing his nearness and his power never even enters their minds."

I often say that life is too painful, too messy, and too difficult to come to church on Sunday and "play religion."


If loving, following and serving Jesus does not actually lead to a better life (John 10:10), than Christianity is a waste of time; Jesus is a waste of time.

Correct thinking about God has to be coupled with real experiences of God, which comes through the Holy Spirit and leads to LIFE!!

"God's revelation must penetrate our hearts in order to change how we live." - John Wimber