Can I Really Bless God?


Bless the Lord? Really??

I remember being at a conference a few years ago and hearing the speaker talking about "blessing the Lord.” I remember very clearly asking myself, "What does that mean?  

How can I bless the creator of the universe? The ONE who has everything, IS everything.  He is perfect in every way. What could I possibly offer Him?!”

He responded, NOT as the Creator of the Universe, but as my heavenly Father. He said, "Antley, there is a part of my heart that only you can touch. I created you to worship me, and when you do, you bring me joy and pleasure that only you were created to. Only you can unlock that part of my heart."

That is crazy!! Could that be true?

I believe when scripture talks about each of us being created in His image — fearfully and wonderfully made, created to do good works before the creation of the world — it is ALL for His pleasure, ALL a blessing to Him.

Discipleship is the process of God shaping us into perfectly, uniquely shaped keys that fit into His heart. The more we allow the Holy Spirit to work on us, the deeper we fit into His heart, and the more joy and pleasure we bring Him.

No one can offer the Father what you were created to offer Him.

No one can bless Him and bring Him pleasure like you can!

I ended up writing several sermons around this idea and sharing them at a conference at which I spoke. A woman came to me at the end and said, "I have never felt important to God. I never felt like I had anything to offer Him." She then began to weep and said, "But now I know that I am special to Him; the Holy Spirit has shown me that He made me the way that I am to bless Him."


Stop comparing yourself to other Christians. Stop believing the lie that God does not have a great plan for your life. He has purposed you for something that only you can do, and when you do it, you bring Him joy, pleasure, and blessing.

You are one of a kind, His favorite child; act like it!!