Growth Beyond Expectation

This is a guest post from Andrew Woods, an intern in our Leadership Development Program.

Growing through the Leadership Development Program at River City Church has been my favorite life experience to date. Seriously. I've attended college, served in the military, and had as many self-taught life lessons as any 23-year-old guy.

Here's the difference: rather than being one out of dozens of students taught by a single instructor, this program has provided three or four mentors at a time who have loved me well.  

The LDP is a relational learning experience, rather than a merely academic one. 

The best part about learning in the context of close relationships is my mentors can demonstrate how to apply each life lesson in a personal way. Sounds better than studying for an exam and then forgetting most of the material, right?

If you’re an organically-minded Christian frightened by the word "program", don’t run away just yet!  

While the LDP does have a well-organized structure and curriculum, ultimately you get out of it what you put into it.  My goal was to come away from the twelve months confident and capable to lead in a particular focus ministry.  

I invested as much time and energy as possible, and the mentors who walked alongside me helped me hit that mark. 

In the process, I was taken on as a staff member by people that soon became family. It’s great knowing they will remain family even after the program ends.  

It's hard to come by passionate people who are dedicated to developing future leaders. But I've found an excellent few who have equipped me for what God has in store for my life. 

I’m beyond thankful that God led me through this season as an intern at River City Church. 

So, if you're feeling led to take part in the Leadership Development Program, then take Shia LaBeouf’s exceptionally motivational advice, and just do it.