There is a relationship between what we believe and what we do. If we actually believe something, we will do it. If we are not doing it, there is a reason — a hitch in what we really believe.

Prayer is the instrument that God uses for his glory to do great things in the lives of His children.

The Kingdom of God moves forward in our lives, in our cities and in the world as we ask God, through intercessory prayer, to bring His rule and reign to earth. 

Intercession starts with: 

1. God. Knowing God. Knowing His heart.

We must know who God is to be able to intercede according to His plan.  

At of the heart of God’s plan is God’s heart. We must know His heart. We must know what is important to Him, what He values, what His nature is, what His purposes are, what He loves, and what He hates. We learn this from spending lots of time in His presence, His Word, and with His people.

As we know more of Him, we take on His heart, which causes us to naturally intercede on his behalf for the things He loves. 

2. Praying with spiritual discernment.  

We must learn to know the Holy Spirit's voice to respond to what He is saying. Power comes from praying with the Spirit, not just TO God.

Listen more than you talk!

We cultivate this ability by spending time in His presence, His Word, worship and prayer ministry. 

3. Praying and obeying.

As we discern what the Spirit is saying we not only have to pray, we have to obey.

This will cost you. 

If we want to see great moves of God, we must display great acts of faith. Prayer, love, mercy and grace poured out in great measure by us, demonstrating that we believe that God is the source of our hope.

What once was a burden will become a blessing, waiting to happen as the Spirit moves.


The power of heaven was given to the disciples, and is now entrusted to us, if we ask. The grace and power of heaven wait for our prayers.

We learn to listen to the Holy Spirit and be led in prayer by the Holy Spirit. We then learn to pray God’s heart and intercede with Jesus for His children. Jesus brings these prayers to the Father, along with His, and the Father clothes the church — His children — with power to change the world.

Continue the work of building His Kingdom!