The Middle Brother

In my current sermon series, The Return, we've been taking a look at the Parable of the Prodigal Son.

I received a text after my last talk from a friend who said, “When I can identify with both brothers, I'm the middle brother.” 

I think this is how most of us feel. We've all been prodigals at some point in our lives, then we came to our senses and returned home to our Father. 

Over time though, we can forget where we came from. We forget that our salvation is a gift from Jesus. We forget that we are saved by grace, not by our work or behavior. 

Like the elder brother, we begin to judge those who believe or behave differently than us.

We also start to believe God owes us a good life if we are obedient to His commands. When we don’t get the life we feel we deserve, we get angry like the elder brother did. 

I will conclude part 1 of the Return series on Easter by taking a look at the third character in the story, the loving Father. He loves each son and goes to great lengths to bring them back into his family.

Spoiler alert: It cost him his son.