Third Person Truths: Part 1

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On the heels of River City Church's Third Person Conference, I wanted to take some time and reflect on some of the great points made by our guest speaker, Christy Wimber. If you were at the conference or have listened to the talks, then this blog may sound redundant. But don't be fooled!!

It's one thing to hear or read what was said; it is a whole other thing to live as though it is true and experience the blessings we are created for as God's children. I don't think most people would argue with the points below; however, are we living as though they are true?

My hope as you read these points from the different talks is that you would experience more of God's love for you. If you are not experiencing the fruit of these Biblical truths, then you might not believe they are true. If so, then you are not reaping the blessings and benefits from following Jesus and living a life in step with the Spirit.

Truth is only realized as it is experienced. Only as you experience these truths in your life will you find the hope, peace, rest, and freedom for which you were created and for which your heart longs!

So dig in, apply them to your life, and live as though they are true. If you want more to chew on, the talks from which these were taken are linked at the bottom. Don't stay "ankle deep" in the Spirit (Talk 4). Jump in, and find the life for which you were created!! :)


Talk 1


  1. If you don't use the power, you lose the power.
  2. We need to see the things of the Kingdom happening around us; it feeds our Spirit.
  3. Everything we need for life is found in the presence of God.
  4. Too often the church settles for the counterfeit because they are afraid of the real thing.
  5. The enemy always rides on the tail of what God is doing.
  6. God is always moving; if we are not experiencing Him, we need to adjust.
  7. God marks us with fire; we need to keep it lit!
  8. God always sends us home before He sends us out (ministry to the poor).
  9. You will never be fully healed without other people.
  10. Community protects you from deception (deception that comes from the enemy).
  11. You can put out the Spirit’s fire by not loving the people around you.
  12. God's Spirit is most empowered when love is present.


Talk 2


  1.  I am most powerful as a minister when I am first ministered to.
  2. We are God's dwelling place.
  3. We try to work for what we already have, which is the power of the Holy Spirit.
  4. When we invite God's Spirit in, He will invade every area of our life.
  5. Revival is when you see yourself as you really are and realize you need a savior.
  6. If you are not filled with the Spirit, you will be filled with other things.
  7. A disciple of Jesus is someone who surrenders.
  8. Responsibility is tied to everything God gives us.
  9. Being the Temple of the Holy Spirit is more about who we are and not what we do.
  10. Love will always be the highest risk of the Kingdom.
  11. God always shows up when we choose to love.
  12. We tend to celebrate the power of the Holy Spirit but not the conviction that He brings.
  13. You cannot have the Holy Spirit without holiness.
  14. If you want to walk in power, then give in to God (give up).
  15. Surrender leads to freedom.
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