Third Person Truths: Part 2

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A problem is never a problem to the Lord because He is always the answer!

I love this quote! I am still being fed by Christy's teaching and words of encouragement from the Third Person Conference.

This past week, the Lord has been reminding me that HE is the answer to every problem I face in life. The more time I spend in His presence, the more the problems in my life either fall away, stop burdening me, or He takes them from me.

For example: I had no idea what to preach on this Sunday; I went for a walk, prayed, worshipped, asked Him, and He spoke to me and laid out my whole sermon! I still need to do the work necessary to preach, but I know what He wants to say.

Here are the last two talks that Christy gave on Saturday night and Sunday morning. I encourage you to read, find scripture that supports these truths, and meditate on them. God is so good and wants only good things for us, but it all begins by spending time in His presence!


Talk 3


  1. In the Kingdom, you always have one hand receiving and one hand giving it away.
  2. God's power always has purpose.
  3. Every act of kindness and goodness advances God's Kingdom.
  4. God has to do stuff in us before He can do stuff through us.
  5. One of the hardest challenges the church has is to see people outside the church the way Jesus does.
  6. To love Jesus is to love the lost.
  7. If you want more of the Holy Spirit, give Him away.
  8. Church is called to be "set apart,” but also to be "all-inclusive."
  9. Ministry does not work without people; ministry is always about people.
  10. So many people in the church do not do what God has called them to because they are prejudiced against themselves.
  11. There is no "maybe" in the Kingdom of God. Either we say yes to God, or we say no.
  12. People of God are people who say yes to God and obey Him.
  13. Most of the things of the Kingdom will make NO sense.
  14. If the things of the Kingdom made sense, you would not need faith.
  15. The enemy only wins when we quit.
  16. We don't pray for the sick because of who gets healed. We pray for the sick because Jesus tells us to.


Talk 4 (Ezekiel 47)


  1. God's power is for transformation. (Life/heart change)
  2. When the River of God is NOT flowing IN us, it cannot flow through us.
  3. The Holy Spirit always moves to us and then through us.
  4. Where God's River flows, there is life.
  5. As a believer, we are meant to bear fruit twelve months a year.
  6. There will always be people around us who want only a little bit of God and who will come into only ankle-deep water.
  7. It takes a lot of courage to get out of slavery.
  8. Jesus breaks off oppression so we can “get out of the mud” and overcome oppression, addiction, etc.
  9. We don't get much of God because we don't expect much from God.
  10. A problem is never a problem to the Lord, because He is always the answer!
  11. It is only the Spirit of God that can satisfy us.
  12. The words of Jesus are never selective; they are always inclusive.
  13. Our sin does not scare Jesus because He overcame it.
  14. The presence of God will first disrupt parts of our life so that the River of God can flow into us and through us.
  15. There is life every place where God dwells!
  16. The Spirit who satisfies is the Spirit who then sends.
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