Trusting God with Unanswered Prayer

God has given us every reason to trust Him with all of our life. He has demonstrated His love for us in Him sacrificing His Son for us.

When the answers don’t come like we think they should, are we going to trust that He is good, that He is a loving Father, that He knows what we need and will give it? 

If we are holding back from trusting God with ALL of our life, even the parts we don’t understand, we are always going to struggle with trusting that God is a loving Father, that He wants the very best for us.

If we believe that about God, we will stop praying and believing that prayer even matters. If we stop praying, we will disconnect ourself from abiding in Jesus, who is the only one who can offer us hope, peace and comfort in the midst of our prayers being unanswered.

(From my talk Prayer, Week 3: Trusting God with Unanswered Prayer)

This is the story of the McCarthy family who, in the midst of great loss, struggled to trust God. It is a story of great loss and great redemption. I quoted several things in my talk that came directly from this story. It is a little long but is worth the read!

The Mystery of Healing: A Personal Testimony by Ed McCarthy