Facility Update

6/7/19 Update

As many of you know from our previous facility update in March, we have been in conversations with the new owner of our facility about a lease extension. Our current lease ends on September 30th, 2019. At this time, we do not feel led to renew with a 3-, 5-, or 10-year lease. We have a sense that God may be leading us to relocate, as a church family, into a neighborhood area where we can be more strategic and effective in our outreach; to be a Kingdom presence in a part of our city where that is needed. We continue to pray and have conversations about this. At this time, nothing concrete or specific has presented itself, so we feel it is prudent to have more time in our current location. We are excited to share that we have reached an agreement with our new owner (Acorn Properties) that works well for us: an extended one-year lease from our current expiration (October 1st, 2019 through September 30th, 2020) with an additional second-year option to exercise through September 2021, with 120-day outs by either party in the year two. Additionally, compared to the current leasing market value, we have been given a good deal — which we are grateful for!

In regards to our A/C units, under our current lease arrangement (originating from our previous owners) we are responsible for maintenance and repairs. Out of 4 units cooling the sanctuary/worship space, we have 1.5 that is working. We have been able to (somewhat) make do by using several floor fans throughout and lowering the temperature of our working units on Saturdays (that's why it may feel frigid when our service begins). As part of our new lease arrangement, the owner has moved forward with ordering three new A/C units to (hopefully) be installed and operational within the next 2-3 weeks. They are moving the process forward as quickly as they can. We will not be responsible for A/C maintenance (for the first 12 months from the date of install), but we will be contributing a fair and reasonable amount toward the purchase cost (which is much better than having to pay for all of it!).

All of this was made possible by the tireless efforts of Charles Chupp, Taylor Smith, and John Germaine. These gentlemen leveraged their gifts, wisdom, and experience in the field of real estate to negotiate a deal that was in the best interest of River City Church. A HUGE THANK YOU to each of them for working so hard on this. If you see them, be sure to thank them!!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask — you can reach out to any of these guys, or to Allan Love (allan@rivercitychurch.com).

Thanks for your prayers and patience in this journey!

3/1/19 Update

Our commitment at River City Church has been, and continues to be, to prioritize ministry that focuses on people: helping them encounter the radical Love of the Father, live in the liberating Power of the Holy Spirit, participate in the world-wide, kingdom-restoring Mission of Jesus, and build a growing, dynamic, authentic Family of Faith. As part of this journey, we have done our best to leverage our ministry budget towards ministries that prioritize these efforts — which, when it comes to leasing facility space, has been to keep those costs as low as we can. Physical space (i.e. “brick and mortar”) has a place in ministry, but we are all about maximizing our spaces and being wise stewards in budgeting for buildings that house growing ministries.

We have been grateful for the facilities God has provided over the years such as the City Rescue Mission for the first four years of ministry, and our current space which we moved into December of 2009.

We want to provide an update on where we are at in regards to our lease and highlight some options that we are prayerfully considering. As part of this, we want to invite you as a church family to pray for God’s leading and provision in this matter, as well as to ask questions and to provide input. So here is an overview of where we are:

  1. Our current lease ends on September 30th, 2019. Our facility was recently purchased by Acorn Property Holdings.

  2. Over the past year we have started prayerfully considering and exploring options as a leadership, which have included: lease renewal (staying put), moving into a more strategic “neighborhood” area of town, purchasing our own facility, sharing a church facility with another church (i.e there are a number of great church facilities that have very small congregations, some of which are open to housing another church family), and so forth. We are grateful for the help and guidance provided by Brad Chrischilles of the Foundry Commercial (they have a lot of experience in the church world) in this venture.

  3. Part of the discernment process has been to assess that if there is a move for River City Church in the days ahead, what is the best timing for such a move, especially in light of the lead pastor transition we are in. For example, do we see if we can get a lease extension on our current space until we have our new lead pastor in place, and then revisit/reboot the, “to move or not to move” conversation?

  4. Currently, we have a team of people with real estate experience who are helping drive this process (in partnership with our elders, staff, and MLT). Those individuals are Taylor Smith, John Germaine, Charles Chupp, and Allan Love.

  5. As noted above, we invite you all to pray over and for this journey we are on. We desperately need God’s wisdom and direction! We want to be in the right place, at right time, for the right reasons! Additionally, if you have questions, thoughts, ideas and/or know someone that wants to donate a facility to RCC :), please contact Allan Love at allan@rivercitychurch or feel free to speak to any member of our Facility Search Team.

Thanks to each and every one of you for your involvement and investment of time and resources — we could not do it without you!! Ultimately, we are about Awakening People to the Transforming Presence and Power of God’s Love! We believe that our mission originated in the heart of God and that as we move forward in the season ahead, our prayer is that it will be orchestrated by the hand of God — which will include the right facility space for us!