A Letter from Our Elders


River City Church Family, 

Earlier this week, Antley informed us that he would like to begin the process of finding a successor to his role as leader of River City Church.

As an elder group, we experienced a wide range of emotions, thoughts, and questions about what this means for us as a church. While we're aware that RCC has always been God's church (not Antley's church, or the staff's, or the elders'), it's often hard to own this truth when such an incredible leader has guided us, directed us, and cared for us so well. As elders, we have been praying that we would remember this truth, would be comforted by the Holy Spirit, and that we would catch a peace that surpasses understanding. We have been praying this for ourselves, our staff, and for you, our church family. 

And while we are sad to lose our leader, we have heard his heart, we have heard how he processed this decision, and we have affirmed what God is doing with Antley, Laura, and their family. We are excited to see what God does next in their lives. 

The What Next:

As an elder group, we wish we had all the answers to all the questions at this moment in time. However, not every question has been created yet, and not every current question has an answer. With that in mind, here's our next steps: 

  • Seeking - As elders, we are humbly praying and seeking God's guidance, voice, and will. We would very much appreciate you doing the same. God will speak to us and lead us. He always does.  

  • Gathering - We will be hosting a Town Hall gathering soon. Not that we'll have all the answers at that time, but we want to meet with you to gather together. A separate email will come with that information.

  • Discerning - We'll be creating an advisory group to help us process a succession plan that will include men and women from our church family.

  • Trusting - We're going to believe that God has not forsaken us, that He's active, that He loves us, and that He will finish the good work He started in us. We believe that God has many adventures still to be played out as a family, and we expectantly hope for the move of God.

  • Unity - It's not uncommon for the enemy to bring discord, distrust, and division at moments like these, especially when the Kingdom of God is about to advance. However, we are committed to recognize the tactics of the enemy for what they are, and remain committed to loving and honoring one another.

We'll share more with you in the coming days, but for now, it's ministry and life as usual. The plans you had for this weekend, keep them! The ministry and life plans for the coming week - keep those too! There will probably be changes, challenges, and opportunities in the days ahead, but we'll tackle those with transparency and love as they come. 

Thank you for being part of our church family. Much will be expected of all of us in the days ahead, but we are confident that we can handle them with God's grace. 

The Elders of River City Church