Message Series

God Speaks

God still speaks to us today — are we listening?

Greater Than These

What does it look like to participate in the Kingdom mission of Jesus?

True North

We are on a journey and need direction on how to live and where we are going.


Discover your identity as a child of God.


We can reach the world by waiting to be filled up by the Holy Spirit and moving in His power.

No Ordinary Family

In an ordinary world, we can be part of something extraordinary.

Generosity Reset: All In

Our God is generous and He has freed us to experience the joy of generosity without guilt, shame or fear.

Advent 2017

Advent means “arrival” and it’s a time when we remember the thousands of years that God’s people were anticipating and longing for the arrival of Jesus Christ into our world.

Grace & Forgiveness

It is essential that we understand the real meaning and purpose of God's grace and forgiveness.